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I’ve been looking at the Dell Streak, since being iPad day here in the UK, I was wondering how it compares. Specs are here: Dell Streak.

It does make me wonder just what constitutes a pad or tablet?

The Streak looks nice, but it is much smaller than the iPad, so is it really in the same marketplace? Admittedly, it is appears to be a much less cumbersome device than the iPad, but does that place it squarely in the ‘not a phone or a tablet’ zone?

I guess we will have to make our own judgements, but with its release date set for 4th June it is going to have to draw fire from the iPad sales and marketing behemoth in order to find it’s own space.

I have seen the Streak called a phone on some sites, and I think if it is priced well, it could be real competition for the iPad. Indeed, if it is treated as a phone, and is available for free on certain tariffs, then it will be fabulous, especially once it gets Froyo.

I’m sure the iPad will sell by the bucket load here in the UK, as it has done in the states, but I think we should be keeping our eyes on all things Android. Good job Google.

Maybe the Streak is just a fat smartphone, but I think the market will settle on something more phonelike, and a bit less like a giant expensive remote control.

I am in a bit of a quandry. I love gadgets of all shapes and sizes, would have an iPhone by now (If they were available on 3), and have PC’s and an iBook, both of which I use regularly.

But the iPad. I just don’t get it right now. I get the concept, I get the general ‘Tablets are the way forward’ thing, but for me it is just too expensive. For something of that type I’d want it to come in at a much lower price point, and not be ring fenced by Apple with regards to the content I can see.

Kudos to Apple for having the guts to go ahead and do it, but for me, I’m waiting to see what round 2 brings, with the Android powered units that are on the horizon.

By then, you never know, maybe I’ll have an iPhone and will get the whole thing better……

Just started using the Motion theme for WordPress, found here: Motion.

I think it looks great, and has lots of places to put widgets. Hopefully as I get more into WordPress, I’ll be able to do even more cool things with it.

I have been following Nokia’s trials and tribulations with their free Ovi Maps offering. A lot of people, me included I’m afraid, were not happy at the limited number of phones that it would run on.

I eventually conceded that Nokia, having a vast number of phones, would get round to making it run on my E71 eventually. Well, it was worth the wait, because I now have it running on my E71, and it isn’t half bad.

You can download the software here: Ovi Maps, and the great news is that it is now supported on around 20 different phones.

What are your favourite twitter clients? My vote goes to Tweetdeck on the PC and Gravity on my Nokia E71. I’m hoping to go Android soon with an HTC Desire, I hope it lives up to the press reviews.

I’ve tried lots of phones and always seem to come back to Nokia, so I’m wondering if Android will be just what I’m looking for. Not tried the iPhone yet as 3 don’t have it!

Microsoft clearly thinks that Gmail/Google Apps is a threat, since Office 2010 is now set to be online, and, if the news articles are to be believed, it will be free.

Now as yet, I haven’t truly looked at Office 2010 online, so  I don’t feel I’m in a position to comment, but since I have recently migrated an Exchange 2003 environment into Google Apps Premier, I can comment on that.

First, the question I posed, is it worth it? Well in many ways, Google’s offering is well crafted, but it does appear initially to have some disadvantages, but once you get used to a different way of working, many of those do disappear.

Overall, I’d say it is worth it if you feel you want to shift the cost of owning and maintaining over to somebody else, and just do the management yourself. If you are a new startup, and need an email environment quickly, it’s just the job, especially since you can use the free version first, and upgrade later.

I would say my preference is still for Exchange and Outlook, being a dyed in the wool Wintel sysadmin, but Google does offer a credible alternative.

If you are considering a migration, my advice would be plan plan plan, have several people on the project to make sure all angles are covered, and make sure you regularly check in with Google for the very latest migration tools. I know for a fact that the tools changed during the period of our migration, so make sure you have the latest to make the job that little bit easier.

Hopefully I’ll get a separate page about my own migration experiences set up soon.

Well, it’s now the day after the General Election, and it seems clear that we are to have a hung Parliament.

I feel gutted for the country, because given the current state of things, this can only make things worse, as Gordon Brown remains as Prime Minister, and all parties spend months trying to form alliances.

Even if somehow the Conservatives form an alliance and can force Labour out (Is this even possible?) we are still going to struggle to get decisions made because of the lack of any clear majority.

As a small business owner, who has struggled since the end of 2008, I want stability, and this surely won’t give us that.

I think I shall have to have a beer at lunchtime, so that I can cry into it……

I have my own small IT business, but times are hard, so I’m now using what was my wife’s car, a nice frugal diesel, she’s got a little shopping trolley type car to do local trips, and my thirsty, but much loved 2 seater sports car is up for sale.

It is 9 years old, needs 2 new tyres and the car tax is nearly expired too, plus it has some minor exhaust issues, which although annoying are easily remedied. It’s also missed one dealer service, since financially I couldn’t afford it, and also being a mechanical engineer, did myself using OEM parts.

Otherwise it’s running really well, doesn’t drip oil, is clean and has 23,000 miles less on it than a 9 year old car should have.

Taking all the above into consideration, and comparing the prices of other similar cars, I’ve put it up for over £1000 less than I would like to sell it for, because I need it to be gone.

So what happens now then? Well, I get a steady stream of people trying to knock me down another £500, bemoaning the fact that it doesn’t have a full service history (It’s one service people!!!), and asking if it has any stone chips!!!

Of course it has stone chips you muppets, it’s 9 years old for god’s sake!!!

They aren’t bad stone chips, in fact it has less than some newer cars I’ve seen.

I’m seriously thinking of giving up on selling it if I keep getting idiots phoning all the time.


We’ve been deploying Windows 7 on some new PC’s and laptops here, and we ran into issues with the Checkpoint SecuRemote client not installing.

The best advice I can give is this:

  1. It won’t work on Windows 7 64 bit, and apparently support is not likely because Checkpoint Endpoint Security is now the way forward.
  2. It does work on Windows 7 32 bit, just be sure to get the latest version of the client from the CP website.

So, best to make sure you check just what is compatible before installing your OS!

After a bit of thinking about what I wanted out of my blog site, I’ve moved from an EZ-Generator site to WordPress, which I think will be easier for me to manage.

Just got to get the blogs transferred now!