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I’ve been looking at the Dell Streak, since being iPad day here in the UK, I was wondering how it compares. Specs are here: Dell Streak.

It does make me wonder just what constitutes a pad or tablet?

The Streak looks nice, but it is much smaller than the iPad, so is it really in the same marketplace? Admittedly, it is appears to be a much less cumbersome device than the iPad, but does that place it squarely in the ‘not a phone or a tablet’ zone?

I guess we will have to make our own judgements, but with its release date set for 4th June it is going to have to draw fire from the iPad sales and marketing behemoth in order to find it’s own space.

I have seen the Streak called a phone on some sites, and I think if it is priced well, it could be real competition for the iPad. Indeed, if it is treated as a phone, and is available for free on certain tariffs, then it will be fabulous, especially once it gets Froyo.

I’m sure the iPad will sell by the bucket load here in the UK, as it has done in the states, but I think we should be keeping our eyes on all things Android. Good job Google.

Maybe the Streak is just a fat smartphone, but I think the market will settle on something more phonelike, and a bit less like a giant expensive remote control.

I am in a bit of a quandry. I love gadgets of all shapes and sizes, would have an iPhone by now (If they were available on 3), and have PC’s and an iBook, both of which I use regularly.

But the iPad. I just don’t get it right now. I get the concept, I get the general ‘Tablets are the way forward’ thing, but for me it is just too expensive. For something of that type I’d want it to come in at a much lower price point, and not be ring fenced by Apple with regards to the content I can see.

Kudos to Apple for having the guts to go ahead and do it, but for me, I’m waiting to see what round 2 brings, with the Android powered units that are on the horizon.

By then, you never know, maybe I’ll have an iPhone and will get the whole thing better……

Just started using the Motion theme for WordPress, found here: Motion.

I think it looks great, and has lots of places to put widgets. Hopefully as I get more into WordPress, I’ll be able to do even more cool things with it.