Archive for June 4th, 2010

It appears that Sony may have competition on the way for the Dell Streak which was launched today on O2. Engadget has reports of a device that could potentially be ready in a few months time.

It is also Android based and runs Eclair, with the possibility of Froyo later.

Original story is here: Dell Streak Competitor

I’ve been involved in the last year or so, with the migration of an Exchange environment into Gmail, or I suppose more correctly, Google Apps.

It’s all complete now, but I thought I’d expand a bit on what I’ve done, how I did it, the tools I used, and some of the problems I ran into.

I’m also using this as a vehicle to test Dennis Hoppe’s post page associator plugin to drive all my posts about this subject onto a page so everything is a bit easier to find.

If it works as planned, I’ll be sending Dennis a donation!!

So keep your eyes peeled for more about my Google adventure.