There I was, convinced Android was going to be my next phone in the form of an HTC Desire, and then the folks at Three go and add the new iPhone 4 to their repertoire!!

I’m going to have to think pretty hard now, because I have a lot of music on iTunes and having an all in one device would be pretty nice. On the other hand……

Well, though I don’t dislike Apple (I own a Mac and PCs), and do know a lot of folks with iPhones, I’m not keen on the way Mr Jobs and his folks are dictating just what can/can’t be run on their devices. I mean, after all, people pay good money for these devices, and they should have the freedom to run what they like when they like. I know this comes with risks, but perhaps people are prepared to accept these.

After all, we don’t live in an Orwellian society, and you can always say to people ‘That bit of software hasn’t been certified for our devices, so it may not run too well, if at all’. I’d be willing to accept that, and I suspect others would too, meaning more sales.

Of course there will always be the two camps, the ones who love Apple’s devices, and those who never will, but maybe there should be more effort to sway those who are in the ‘maybe’ zone.

I have to confess genuine excitement when I heard the announcement, and almost signed up right away, being on Three already, but then I thought of the free will offered by the HTC Desire, and it pulled me back from the brink.

I guess it’s 55% to 45% in favour of the HTC, but since i’m not due for an upgrade for another 4 weeks, I guess I still have some thinking time left.