So, it’s three nil to HTC, but why?

Well, Apples new OS now has multi-tasking, but articles I’m reading, such as this one here: iPhone Multi-tasking, are all saying that whilst it can multi-task, there are restrictions.

Apparently only Apple apps, and not many at that, will be available in the beginning, and only certain apps will be allowed to multi-task. Add to that, apps that are allowed to multi-task will need re-writing to do it at all. Apple have always been open about these limitations, and in the cause of stability and battery life, maybe they make sense. For me, I want multi tasking, sorry Mr Jobs one for HTC and the Desire.

Point number two? Well, I guess for me it’s the look. I actually like the iPhone look and feel. It is a classic piece of industrial design, even beautiful some would say. ┬áBut the new phone just looks (to me at least), like they decided to hand over the design to a generic smartphone designer. Is this just me?

Number three? Well, I’ve mentioned before the ring fence that Apple puts around the iPhone. For me this is just too much. Ultimately, I’m paying for the ‘Free’ phone I get over the term of my contract. Therefore, it is my choice what I do or view on the phone. I don’t want somebody else’s values imposed on me.

Sorry Mr Jobs, so far it looks like my next phone will be an HTC Desire.