Archive for July 13th, 2010

Well, my new batteries are fitted and my UPS seems to be happy again, which is good since we seem to be approaching power cut/brownout time round our way.

Just this morning the power went of and on again 3 times within about 30 seconds, so I’ve had to go around resetting clocks and things.

Still, main UPS is now good and all my other machines have their own UPSs back in place. Power cuts, bring it on!

Well, I ordered my new batteries on the 23rd July, hoping to have them before going on holiday.

Well, no such luck, they never arrived. To the credit of MDS Battery though, as soon as I contacted them, they wen’t off and found they’d been lost by the carrier.

That was yesterday (12th July), and today my battery pack arrived. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get my main UPS back on line again and put back the UPS on my wife’s PC.