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I’m really hitting App Market hard these days, and I guess it is really just down to the fact that my phone is only two weeks old and I’m searching for fun things to do with it.

I’ve long been a fan of emulation, that being the emulation of long dead computers that meant something to me when I was younger. I’m talking about Atari, Sinclair and Commodore machines of old, and emulators for things like the NES, SNES and Sega consoles.

It turns out there is quite a rich seam of these emulators running through the App Market if you just do a search for ‘Emulators’.

I now have Spectrum, SNES, Amiga and Mame apps for my Droid, but without software to run, they are a bit boring.

This is where the Rom Buddy app comes in. It costs about $2, and it allows you to search for roms and games for many of these emulators. It is on App Market, and can also be found easily by typing Rom Buddy into Google. There is a link here: Rom Buddy.

Clearly if you’re going to be using these emulators, you need to ensure that you’re not breaking any laws, but a good deal of this older stuff is now freely available, so you can go out and go emulation mad without to much worry.

So, get out there and get emulating, your misspent youth isn’t far away!

Or, is it perhaps another tablet wannabee.

There is a great article on the HD here: HTC HD, and the photo makes it look just huge, though going by screen size it is a bit smaller than Dells Streak.

Spec wise, it looks like a Desire on steroids, though it does appear to use the same 1GHz cpu.

I’m sure it’ll be great, especially given that it will be running Froyo (Come on HTC, lets have Froyo on the Desire), but I am getting a little worried about the trend towards devices with 4-5 inch screens.

I think perhaps the iPad has got things right, I mean it is just too big to try and wedge in your pocket, and even with 3G it isn’t really pretending to be a phone.

But the HD and Streak are hovering in that zone that is just maybe a little too big to pocket, and maybe feel uncomfortable as a phone, yet don’t have that out and out ‘I’m a tablet don’t you know’ thing going on like the iPad.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like the size of the Desire and the iPhone, they are phones that can do more, and perhaps have progressed from being Smartphones to Superphones. I have just enough room for them in my pockets with my wallets and keys etc. By adding an extra inch or so to the screen size, I’m thinking I’m gonna need a bigger pocket, and I don’t think it’s a good look.

I guess only time will tell.