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Well, it’s now been at least a week since my colleague with a sim free HTC Desire got his Froyo update, yet still no sign of the update on 3. Surely 3 must know this delay is going to annoy people, because it certainly has for other providers. I know most companies do have their own custom bits added, but surely they can get their fingers out and do the right thing by all the people who pay for these phones and get cracking as soon as the updates become available. The last article I read suggested Froyo would not be available on 3 Androids until the end of summer, and with talk of Gingerbread already in the air, that isn’t good enough. Come on 3, get it sorted, and soon. Grumpy of Tiptree….

I officially have O/S envy now. My line manager has a simfree HTC Desire, and has now had his Froyo upgrade. I’m on 3 and it looks like another couple of weeks at least before 2.2 lands on my handset. Bah humbug!

Well, i’m just sneaking a quick post in on my HTC Desire before I slide off into the land of nod! I just don’t seem to be able to fit posting in with my need shifts. Still, I start nights soon, so hopefully I can get back to some kind of flogging normality…