As anybody who’s read this blog knows, I’m fairly miffed that Three in the UK still haven’t got their fingers out and deployed the update to Froyo (Android 2.2) to owners of branded/locked handsets.

I have an HTC Desire, and I really want to upgrade, since features like the ability to move apps to SD card, freeing up phone memory, wireless tethering (Hotspot capability)  and huge speed increases with enhanced battery life are all pretty appealing.

Three have said ‘The end of summer’, which is IMHO a little bit open ended, since a look out of the window suggests summer may have already passed by, leaving people with A) No more summer and B) No Froyo.

I regularly search for updates to this wildly vague statement, and found this today. Three Announces Hero and Desire Dates

TBH it is still pretty vague, and doesn’t say much more, but lets all keep our fingers crossed that now September is here, we’ll get our Froyo.

Since Android 3, or Gingerbread, is apparently going to be making an appearance in Q4 of 2010, I hope Three make a better job of timing the release of that….