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My first ‘proper’ server, was a Compaq 1600R, that I got off eBay for the princely sum of £25.

Now as I started to do more with my server, I found the hardware just wasn’t up to the job.

It could only take 1GB ram max, and had a pair of Pentium II cpu’s at 400 Mhz.

So, I hunted around on eBay, and got myself an HP DL360 G2, dual 1.4Ghz server with 3GB ram for the outrageous price of £40!

Of course this meant I had to move my existing install off my 1600R and on to my DL360. Since it was a DC, Exchange, SQL and webserver by now, I really needed the upgrade!

I found this article by Microsoft: Migrate to new hardware to be a great help in this matter.

I have now also just upgraded again, to a DL380 G3, had for just £20 (It arrived a bit bent, I straightened it out, but the seller refunded me £20!!)

Yet again, the procedure outlined in the MS document proved to be most helpful, and I have moved yet again successfully.

What is most surprising, is that the process uses NTBackup. Yes, you heard right.

I’ve tried to do the same procedure with BackupExec 12, and failed miserably, yet NTBackup did this flawlessly.

Just make sure you read the parts pertinent to your particular installation, but overall a great help and well worth a read.

Well, I’m a bit late with this this week on account of being on a night shift, and as a result, not knowing my ass from my elbow…..

However, before I got started with the shift this week I did download the full version of, yes, you guessed it, Angry Birds.

With over 3 million downloads, and with so many attempted downloads that apparently GetJars webservers keeled over, it quite a popular app!

And deservedly so, as it’s simple to play, great fun, and has an addictive quality lacking in so many games today.

My only gripe is the Ads, but lets be honest, this means you get a free game, and they aren’t overly intrusive.

If you don’t have Angry Birds, go get it now!