Mac Classic

Mac Classic

The Macintosh Classic is a personal computer manufactured by Apple, originally introduced in October 1990.

It was the first time a Macintosh was sold for less than $1,000 in the US, and it’s introduction was largely based on the success of the Macintosh Plus and the Macintosh SE.

The system specifications of the Classic were very similar to its predecessors, with the same 9-inch monochrome CRT display, 512×342 pixel resolution, and the same 4 megabyte memory limit of the older Macs.

Apple chose not to update the Classic with improved technology such as a later model 68K CPU, more RAM or a color display, in order to ensure compatibility with the Mac’s large software base, as well as enabling it to fit the lower starting price. Nevertheless, it was up to 25 percent faster than the older Plus and did include Apple’s SuperDrive 3.5-inch FDD as standard.

It’s price, and large software base, did see it make significant inroads in education, however by 1992 it was largely phased out.

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