Having just become a Droid fan, I thought I’d dedicate a little spot to apps I’ve either found or been told about.

Hopefully you’ll like some of them too.

Not enough memory, an EEK moment and how I saved the day!

I’ve always been looking for ways to try and eke out the memory on my phone, and what with upgrading to Froyo with its App to SD functionality, I’ve been doing pretty well. Don’t forget, my phone is rooted so if you have a vanilla Desire, you can’t do what I’ve done here. Rooting is […]

Android App of the week

To be honest, doing an app of the week is difficult. Especially now I have my phone pretty well settled, so it is getting harder for me to come up with something new on a regular basis. This week, I have had an app that got me in to quite a lot of trouble. So […]

Android App of the week

Well, it’s been a while coming, but finally another emulator has arrived that is this weeks ‘App of the week’. I grew up with 8Bit computers, starting off with a ZX81, the Spectrum, closely followed by Atari XLs and XEs, and various other less well known machines. Though I was never a CBM64 owner, well […]

The Acid Test

I now have Firefox and Opera installed on my Desire. I thought it would be interesting to run the Acid3 test against them, and the standard Android browser. The result was 97/100 for all three browsers, and whilst not top marks is still pretty good. Overall, Opera was fastest, but the on screen rendering looked […]

Android App of the week

A quick post this week as I’ve been a bit preoccupied with looking into task manager usage. However, I’ve decided to go with the app I’ve just used to post this with. It’s an app called WordPress and it lets you quickly and easily manage your WordPress sites via your droid. So if you have […]

Android App of the week

The app I’ve chosen this week, is a utility called BatterySnap. If like me, you are constantly watching just what is chewing your battery, then this is a great app. It keeps all kinds of stats in relation to just what your battery is doing, and can produce some nice graphs of what’s going on. […]

Android App inventor connection problems.

I have been tinkering with Android App Inventor a little recently, and have it set up and running on my main laptop at home. I often work nights and have a second laptop I sometimes take with me, and thought it would be good to get App Inventor up and running on it too, for […]

Android App of the week

Well, I’m a bit late with this this week on account of being on a night shift, and as a result, not knowing my ass from my elbow….. However, before I got started with the shift this week I did download the full version of, yes, you guessed it, Angry Birds. With over 3 million […]

App of the week

Well, I was wondering just what app that would be my app of the week, when I was caught off guard by SlideIt, a keyboard replacement that works just like Swype. Instead of typing each letter, you rub your finger across the keys, and your movements between letters are interpreted and word possibilities are automatically […]

App of the week.

This week was a toss up between two apps. Reloop, a music making tool, and the newly released Tweetdeck for Android. In the end, I plumped for Tweetdeck, due to a lack of time to play with Reloop. Despite the fact that the HTC Twitter client is actually quite good, I was always a fan […]

Android app of the week!

I have to say that one app really impressed me this week, mostly because it saved me money. The app in question is ShopSavvy. If you’re not familiar with the idea of this app, it lets you scan a products barcode, and it will then go away and find the best deals for you online, […]

Live wallpaper CPU shocker…..

Wow, I’ve just been playing with an app called Seepu on my Desire, and although I’d suspected the live wallpaper of being a resource hog, finding out my lovely spiral galaxy was coming in at around 98% was quite a shock. So, at some point in the near future, I’ll check out all the live […]

Android Emulation Heaven

I’m really hitting App Market hard these days, and I guess it is really just down to the fact that my phone is only two weeks old and I’m searching for fun things to do with it. I’ve long been a fan of emulation, that being the emulation of long dead computers that meant something […]

More Apps for My Android

I’ve found a few more apps that are making my droid more useful/fun. First off is the Delicious app that, if you’ve joined Delicious, allows you to take your bookmarks anywhere. I’m a big fan of Delicious since I have lots of  bookmarked sites, and being web based, it means none of that tedious porting […]

The App story so far.

So far, and I’ve had my phone about a week now, I’ve downloaded and tried quite a few apps for my Desire. The one thing that has impressed me is the ease with which apps can be downloaded, installed and uninstalled, and also the fact that you can often try demo versions before splashing out […]