I recently tested battery life without Advanced Task Killer as I’d heard battery life could be improved without, plus after some research, I’m begining to feel that a task killer just isn’t needed.

The red dots indicate the start and end of the period during which the phone runs on battery on the 6th and 7th November, whilst I was at work on a 12 hour shift. When running without Advanced Task Killer, the charge at the end of the day was just 2% higher, which could be attributed to slight differences in what the phone did i.e. Received more/less emails, Twitter updates and slight variances in WiFi usage because of that.

I didn’t feel any noticeable performance boost without the task killer, everything was just the same in fact, however the phone had a habit of doing the odd unusual thing, and without the task killer running it did feel more stable.

So, I’m going to run without from now on, and just use it for diagnostic purposes.

There’s a good article here about task killers: Task Killers Explained, its well worth a read.

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