Casio FX702P

Not a great deal that can be said about this little machine, produced between 1981 and 1984, which was essentially a glorified pocket calculator with the ability to run BASIC programs.

Programs could be saved to cassette, and there was also a spark type printer available, not too dissimlar in operation from the Sinclair ZX printer.

Produced by Casio as an alternative to the Sharp PC-121x series, it marks a departure from the programmable calculator, to a proper pocket based computing device with a full programming language. It was at this point that Casio introduced program memory, in blocks P0-P9, which stuck thereafter, meaning that up to 10 BASIC programs could be stored internally.

The main drawbacks of this little machine are the non QWERTY keyboard, and the small display, though it had considerably more mathematical functions than the equivalent Sharp portables.

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