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So, I’ve had a few issues with not being able to add accounts to WordTwit, the plugin I use to auto tweet my posts.

The fix was a bit drastic, I had to delete and recreate my Twitter app, get the new credentials from the app, then pop those into WordPress, which had just updated.

Then, and only then could I add my accounts. Be aware, it will try to auto add whatever account you’re currently logged into Twitter with, so if like me you have more than one, you need to add each account logged in separately.

Hopefully this post will serve as a test of Wordtwit in it’s new configuration 🙂

I have had an Untangle appliance for some years now, guarding my network from the internet at large. I like to share things like this 🙂

The great thing is, that there is a free version of this prebuilt security appliance that everybody can use, and it really is very easy to set up.

You can download it from here: as an ISO file, that you can then burn to CD/DVD and use as installation media.

My original Untangle server was running on an HP DL360 G2, which was more than up to the job from a hardware perspective.

Originally, I used my BT firewall with the Untangle device in bridge mode, but recently I have removed the BT device since moving to BT Infifnity, since Untangle supports PPPOE.

This turned it into Router mode, and has greatly enhanced my security, since the Untangle firewall has a superior firewall to the BT device, let alone the configuration is easier and more flexible.

You can find the differences between Bridge and Router mode here: under step 3.

Untangle also adds a whole host of other features, such as virus scanning, spam ans spyware scanners, ad blockers, so it really does give you a much better patform to control access to/from your network.

As well as recently moving to Router mode, I also retired my HP DL360 G2, on account of noise, heat and electricity consumption. It’s been replaced by a laptop. Yes, you heard right, a laptop.

So, not only have I now upgraded to the 64 Bit version of Untangle, it runs very nicely on a dual core 1.8GHz laptop with 4 GB RAM, a nice side effect being the fact it now has it’s own built in UPS, being a laptop 🙂

The only thing I needed was a second NIC, for which I was able to get a new Cardbus adapter off Ebay for the princely sum of £5.

The whole process was quick too. It took about an hour or so to install Untangle fresh, and then import the settings from the old server.

I really can’t recommend it enough, especially if you have some spare hardware around that meets the minimum spec.

So, go and untangle yourselves folks!

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So, I recently decided to retire my Exchange 2003 server, in favour of Exchange 2007.

There were a lot of reasons for this.

Firstly, my Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 server was an old HP DL380 G3. In itself, a great, reliable server, which cost me only £20 off Ebay, but getting on a bit, and very noisy in my home office, especially combined with the HP DL 360 G2 I was using for an Untangle server, and the newer Dell T105 which was already running Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007.

Secondly, at work we have Exchange 2007/2010, so I had a desire to expand my skills to better enable me to understand the environments I need to support.

Thirdly, I wanted to also migrate a number of sites I ran (OWA, WordPress) over to IIS 7 due to the improved security features, and ease of management.

And last, but by no means least, the two HP servers are making my electricity bill look like that of an actual data centre, so I wanted to retire them both, enjoy the quieter office, and save some pennies.

The migration from Exchange 2003 -> 2007 was really not so difficult, with the only issue being the move of my wife’s mailbox, which reported there may be activesync issues. It would be her account! She did have issues, so I had to re-do the account on both her iPhone and Galaxy Tab, but all was fine after that.

So why, I hear you asking, is it more secure, but more annoying?

Well, certain feature like tarpit are enabled by default, and also it’s more secure when trying to connect over telnet, and it has some excellent anti spam features built in.

Now comes the annoying bit. Many things can be done via the GUI, but if you want to get at all the really neat stuff, you have to visit the Exchange Powershell CLI. Yes, I said CLI.

For example, enabling the anti spam features requires running some scripts from the CLI, as does adding a list of custom blockwords to the anti spam component.

You can add blockwords via the GUI, but it takes FOREVER!!!!

Same goes for blocked email domains and senders.

CLI = power in the case of Exchange 2007 and beyond. I guess I’d better get used to it!!

I love Delicious, and it has been my portable Internet index, full of all those useful links I’ve found over the years.

I have used its sidebar a great deal, so when the plug in for Firefox updated and the sidebar disappeared, along with its icon, I was a tad annoyed.

However, after a little digging I found that the sidebar is still there.

Just hit ctrl + B and there it is again 🙂

So, I just discovered that Google Analyticator is dead, which is a shame as I’ve used it for some time.

For all those of you also in the same position, the Google Analytics Dashboard seems to do a very similar job, so if you need to move to a new plug in, this seems to be one that works nicely, and is extremely simple to set up.

Next, I’ve installed GTrans, which was a WordPress recommended plug in. Seems very nice and allows your site to be translated into different languages by selecting from a drop down list.

Both seem to be nice plugins, so if you’re a WordPress user, have a go, worst cas you’ll just remove them if you don’t like 🙂


So I’ve been trying to get my Desire (Froyo) to play nicely with HTML emails when using Exchange 2003, and it seems the stock email client just won’t. This is very annoying, since the email client on my wife’s iPhone works just fine. I also have a backup phone, an original 2g iPhone, and despite it’s age, that works just fine too.

So I did some digging, and discovered that my Galaxy Tab, recently updated to Gingerbread, now has a stock email client that supports HTML email with Exchange 2003! So every phone in the house, apart from my Desire, works. Most annoying.

Whilst I have an Exchange 2007 server available, which should in theory work with the client on my Desire, and ActiveSync is up and running, I would also need to migrate all my websites to it too as I run off a single IP and everything sits on one server at present.

That’s a lot of work just to get HTML emails.

I’ve tried RoadSync, and that doesn’t do it either, so I’m now giving Touchdown a road test.

And it’s working. I have HTML email on my Desire. I have 30 days trial to see if it satisfies all my requirements, but so far we have one major box ticked.

I’ll post more as and when I have played with it, but it is rather maddening that Apple, Touchdown, and even Google with Gingerbread can do it easily, but not the Froyo client, especially since Touchdown is £12 odd.

I have know that isn’t a huge amount of money, but I think its expensive for an app.

At least you have the benefit of a 30 day trial.

More later.


As of 25th September, I now have Gingerbread on my Desire. And guess what? The stock email client still doesn’t support HTML emails with Exchange 2003. The option is there, but greyed out.

Come on HTC, get it sorted. If Samsung can do it, why not you!

I’m getting a lot of Russian email addresses logging new user requests. Anybody know how to block specific email domains from registering?

Its VERY annoying!

I’ve just added Disqus functionality to the site, and it was pretty easy too.

You can register your own site at, or register as a user just to make comments on other peoples sites.

Hopefully it’ll stop me loosing track of all the various posts I make!!

Now, I’m a fan of Delicious, and have been for a couple of years now.

Being a techie, it’s been a boon to be able to build up a useful, search-able library of bookmarks that goes where I go, and is not restricted by browser.

So, I am not too happy that Yahoo are planning to ditch it, along with other services.

Now it does seem that Yahoo may be intent on selling it, rather than closing it down, which would be good, but I just have to say that if you do close down Delicious, you are all A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!

Now I have just registered with Diigo, and hopefully, I’ll be able to import my bookmarks, now exported from Delicious, in, since Diigo does seem to be a similar service.

So far I haven’t been able to import them, and I’m hoping it’s just because Diigo is swamped with disgruntled Delicious users all importing things in, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m also hanging on to my Delicious account by my fingernails, and will continue to use it until it stops working.

Hopefully some kind, huge corporate will buy it up. Fingers crossed, hey.

In the meantime I’d better continue my search for an online bookmark service that has browser integration and an android app!!

Given the time of year, I don’t think Bah Humbug is unreasonable!