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Migrating from Exchange to Gmail

I’ve been involved in the last year or so, with the migration of an Exchange environment into Gmail, or I suppose more correctly, Google Apps. It’s all complete now, but I thought I’d expand a bit on what I’ve done, how I did it, the tools I used, and some of the problems I ran […]

Migrating to Gmail: Part 1

Last year, I took a position at a Cambridge based company as a sysadmin. Part of the job involved a project to migrate from an in house Exchange server, to a Google Apps solution. I was largely left to my own devices to do it, and never having attempted anything like it before, I approached […]

Migrating to Gmail: Part 2

Before jumping in though, you first need to plan, otherwise you can end up in trouble. I admit I didn’t plan enough, and it made it much harder. Before you go ahead and buy a Google Apps account, you need to do the following: 1. Review the accounts, groups and calendars in use in your […]

Migrating to Gmail: Part 3

Once you have completed the planning stage, and everybody knows what is happening, it’s time to check the Google tools again. Yes, they change that often! Once you know how many users you’ll need, you can visit Google and set up an account and buy the number of users you need. You only need to […]

Migrating to Gmail: Part 4

So we’ve done a test migration, and have our Exchange account forwarding to the new account in Gmail. Once you’re satisfied, migrate a small group of trusted, possibly techy people, migrate them too. Once you’re happy all is well, you can begin the migration of everybody else. Once the accounts are created and emails etc […]

Gmail Migration: Afterthoughts

So, you’ve completed the migration, but is it all over? Actually, no. Firstly, you will have lots of questions from users, especially if you are going to only use the web interface, and drop Outlook completely. I would, in fact recommend you drop Outlook completely, because it is not the same once disconnected from Exchange, […]