ICL One Per Desk

The ICL One Per Desk (OPD) was released in 1984, and was the result of a collaborative project between ICL, Sinclair Research and BT.

Based on the Sinclair QL, the OPD was quite different and used a different firmware to the QL, and did without the 8049 peripheral controller of the QL.

The OPD however, had an integrated telephone handset with a system to build answerphone messages from a dictionary of words, which would be spoken to anyone calling the device when the phone went unanswered, though it could not record messages.

It also had built in modems, and productivity and terminal software in the form of ROM packs that could be plugged in, so from a hardware perspective, was very well specced for the time, even including a battery backed clock.

Although 3.5″ floppy disk drives were avalable later, initally the OPD was served by 2 microdrives, however these had been re-engineered by ICL to provide much better reliability than those in the QL.

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