So, storm on Monday, there’s a power outage. Everything important is on a UPS, and though it did expire due to the length of the outage, everything seemed to survive and powered up ok.

I have a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo that I use for some storage and file backups, and normally my backup software burps, because it loses its connectivity to the ReadyNAS, and this seemed to be the case, so I did my usual tweaks to fix it, and walked away.

Unbeknownst to me, the usual tweaks hadn’t worked, because it wasn’t the usual problem! The ReadyNAS now won’t recognise either drive and I am running R-Linux for Windows to scan the drive and recover, and at the moment it looks hopeful, and I at least have a mirrored array to drop the files onto for now, but it’s a major pain in the rear!

R-Linux can be found here: R-Linux for anybody in the same boat, and I will update once I have the results, but having a wierdy file system is not one of the best features of the ReadyNAS Duo, it has to be said!

Update number 1

It’s looking good so far for R-Linux 🙂

It found about the right amount of data in my ReadyNAS disk, and is currently in the process of restoring it for me.

TBH if certain files can’t be recovered, it really isn’t the end of the world, as long as the main stuff can be dragged back kicking and screaming!

I guess my next update will be tomorrow.

Update number 2

Happy days, all data recovered. I just need to work out whats up with the ReadyNAS now!

Update number 3

So, ReadyNAS is back on line, but a factory reset was required. I’m certain I have a config backup somewhere, but I’m thinking a clean fresh setup is the way to go, so best to just crack on. Don’t you just hate it when hardware crashes that badly! Damn storm.

On the positive side, it’ll give me an opportunity to have a clean up of all the crap I kept on there!!

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