Last year, I took a position at a Cambridge based company as a sysadmin.

Part of the job involved a project to migrate from an in house Exchange server, to a Google Apps solution.

I was largely left to my own devices to do it, and never having attempted anything like it before, I approached it with some trepidation, since I was to do it on my own, with next to no project management assistance, and having to do my daily job as well.

So, where did I start? Well, the only place I could, which was Google.

A good place to start is here: Migration Options

Read all that Google has to say here, that relates to your specific migration requirements, because it will help you to decided the best method.

Have a damn good search around too, because there are several tools that Google has which you may need.

Once I was clear on Google’s offering, I also downloaded this: Admin Guide.

The next phase, coming in part 2, was the most important. Planning.

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