Before jumping in though, you first need to plan, otherwise you can end up in trouble. I admit I didn’t plan enough, and it made it much harder.

Before you go ahead and buy a Google Apps account, you need to do the following:

1. Review the accounts, groups and calendars in use in your exchange environment. Record what groups are used for, what shared calendars do, and if you have any user accounts that are shared rather than using groups.

2. Once you’ve completed the review, decide what needs to stay, and what can go. If anything is not really being used, get rid of it now whilst you have the chance.

3.Decide when the migration will take place, who will be migrated, and when. Communicate this accurately, and if possible, arrange for training of key users so that support can be provided.

4.Make sure users are informed of key differences in working, especially if you will be dropping Outlook in favor of the Gmail web interface.

Once you have finished planning, take time to double check your processes, and ensure anybody helping is fully aware of what is happening.

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