I’ve found a few more apps that are making my droid more useful/fun.

First off is the Delicious app that, if you’ve joined Delicious, allows you to take your bookmarks anywhere. I’m a big fan of Delicious since I have lots of  bookmarked sites, and being web based, it means none of that tedious porting of bookmarks from browser to browser, or PC to PC. There are some pretty cool plug-ins for IE and Firefox too, and you can tag your bookmarks to group them together, and send them to friends with an account.

This does the same for my Droid, and since I’m using my Droid more and more for browsing, it’s a godsend.

Other new apps are Replica Island, a great little sideways scroller and Robo Defense, a fairly simple but addictive tower defense game.

All apps I’m describing here are the free versions, and I’m pretty impressed so far, though I have been quite choosy. Paid versions are available too in some cases, and offer extra features.

I’ll be back as and when I find more apps I think you might like.

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