The last item I had to move to my D: drive was my web root folder that contained all of my websites.

I moved all but the default website, since that contained my Outlook Web Access, and I was wary of breaking it. As with any procedure, make sure you have good backups, and since this is an IIS 6 procedure, ensure you are running IIS 6 before using it.

The actual procedure is quite simple, since we are simply moving directories, and pointing the websites at the new location. Before proceeding, ensure you’ve checked each site is working, and that you know the location of the folder that contains the sites files.

First things first, start a command prompt, and run the command ‘iisreset /stop’. This will stop all services relating to IIS, and means there will be no locked files to hinder you.

Once the command has completed, locate the folder containing the files for your website. For example, the folder containing the files for this blog were at C:\web\http\Wordpress.

I then copied the entire WordPress folder and its contents to D:\web\http\. The folder was now D:\web\http\Wordpress.

I then made sure the permissions matched those of the folder in it’s original location. i then restarted IIS from the command prompt, using the command ‘iisreset /start’.

I then went to the properties of the website in IIS Manager, and at the home directory tab, changed the path to point at the new location, and restarted just that site.

I then tested the site to make sure all was well before deleting the files from their old locations.

I then repeated for all my other sites. If you want, you can issue the command ‘iisreset /restart’ when you’re done, and this will restart the whole if IIS, just to be on the safe side.

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