Well, I finally got bored of waiting for Three to get their act together with regards to the Froyo OTA update. IMHO silence is not always golden, and too much can be deafening.

So I took matters into my own hands, and followed the article I found here: Root your 3 branded Desire

Make sure you turn on automatic backup before, so that when you reboot, the handset will automatically restore your settings and data.

I followed it to the letter, and ran it under Windows 7, and only ran in to issues when I set about running Unrevoked3.

The first part went well, however once the phone rebooted, there was a problem with the Android Bootloader Driver not being found. Since I knew the driver was installed, having had it working earlier, I did an Update Drivers from device manager, and chose an existing driver, using the HTC Bootloader one that was listed.

That installed ok, and Unrevoked carried on and installed the custom recovery. once that was sorted, I took out my goldcard, and put my normal SD card back, and rebooted to check the phone was ok, which it was.

I then went over to here: Rooted Official Froyo and downloaded the zip file for both the radio and Froyo to my PC. I then copied them over to the root of my SD card an powered the phone down.

From here on I followed the instructions here: Rooted Official Froyo, first flashing my radio, then flashing with the Froyo update.

Resist the urge to fiddle with your phone, just let it finish each task, then reboot as necessary.

After the Froyo update, I rebooted and it took quite some time, however the Three branding was gone, and the HTC branding was subtly different. It took quite a while, since it was restoring my files from the SD card. Once everything had come up, I rebooted again, and it started normally this time.

All my settings and programs were there, all my messages and email settings too, so quite an impressive restore.

I now have root access too, plus features like move to SD, Wifi hotspot, flashlight etc, plus there’s probably a host of other stuff I’ll find as I go on, not to mention all of the 2.2 performance enchancements.

So far all seems fine, but I’ll report back if I run into any problems.

Remember, you could brick your phone doing this, so only do it if you’re prepared to take the risk.


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