Oric Atmos 48k

The Oric Atmos was a contemporary of the Sinclair Spectrum, and was the direct follow up to the Oric-1.

Released in 1983 by Tangerine Computer Systems, the Oric 1 sold reasonably well, though not as successful as the Spectrum, and this was enough to allow the development of the start of the development of the Atmos.

In late 1983, the company was bought out, and further funding for the atmos was forthcoming, however despite both Oric machines being superior from a hardware perspective to the Spectrum, sales were not enough and in 1985, the company went into receivership.

Bought by a French company called Eureka, they produced the Stratos and Telestrat, which never really sold outside of France, before going into receivership in 1987, from which they never recovered.

The machine lived on through various clones, with the Pravetz 8D, which was fully hardware and software compatible with the Oric Atmos, being in production untill 1991.

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