Sinclair QL

Released in 1984. the QL (Quantum Leap), was one of a number of machines that at the time were using Motorola’s 68000 CPU, or in the case of the QL, the 68008. It was the first commercial machine to be released with a 68k CPU.

Unfortunately, the QL was rushed into prouction, and was beset by technical issues from the outset, such as the requirement for a ROM dongle on early machines, and unreliable microdrives.

Designed as a business machine, it was released with four software packages, Quill, Easel, Abacus and Archive, written by Psion and provided in the box with the QL.

It also came with QDOS built in, which was a premtive multitasking environment, plus SuperBasic.

Commercially however, it sold only 150,000 units, and was discontinued in 1986.

Despite it’s short lifespan, there were many expansions made available, including memory upgrades to take the machine up to its 896kb capacity from the basic 128kb as purchased, plus ROM toolkits, modems, centronics interfaces, FDDs and even mice with WIMP environments.

A good article about the QL can be found here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/01/12/archaeologic_sinclair_ql/

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