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Samsung: A little bit bonkers

So, I just saw that Samsung has released UK pricing for it’s Gear smartwatch, and I have to say, I think they are bonkers. At £299, it really is a gadget too far, especially since it will only work with other Samsung devices. At £100, it might have worked, but that really is just way […]

So, you’re on 3, and don’t get a signal at home?

I have been with 3 in the UK for a long time now, probably going on 8 or 9 years, and I’ll be honest, my signay at home was ‘ok’, but not great, though usable. Then for a while, we started to lose signal entirely (I say we, as my wife is also with them), […]

Jelly Bean Joy – Part 3. The Joy is back!

So, it’s been a while now since I updated to Jelly Bean, and also since the enforced factory reset due to the fact that things just weren’t quite right after the update. The factory reset really was the charm though, as everything is running beatifully now, and the battery life is nothing short of amazing […]

Jelly Bean joy – part 2. A little less joy than before

So, I was pretty happy about the Jelly Bean update for my HTC ONE X, but that diminished as over time as things started to slowly go downhill. I found the camera app was really slow from time to time, and only a reboot would get things going again, and the performance generally was the […]

Jelly Bean joy 🙂

So finally Jelly Bean finally arrived on my HTC One X on Monday, a couple of months behind unlocked/unbranded phones. The delay was due to the first build failing testing with 3, and HTC having to deliver a second build. The guff that 3 add has more than a little bit to do with that. […]

HTC One X Jelly Bean on Three UK

Ok, so after some badgering, I finally got some information on the Jelly Bean update for locked/branded handsets on Three UK. It seems that they have a second build in testing now, the first having failed, and it will be released ‘as soon as its ready’. Overall I’m more than a little disappointed with Three […]

HTC One X safe mode

Ok, so I found out today that the HTC One X has a safe mode that I accidentally went into when trying to get to recovery mode. I’d held the volume – button down whilst holding the power button down until the 3 icons at the bottom of the screen flashed, and when nothing happened […]


I am really getting into Minecraft now, but so annoying that I can’t connect to my home server from the Xbox and Android versions. I do hope this happens in the future, or I’m going to end up with 3 or 4 different worlds on the go!

HTC One X Jelly Bean

So, do you have a locked HTC One X on 3 UK? According to their support team, who I asked directly, Jelly Bean should be coming at the end of November. Oooh, I do hope so 🙂

iPad mini arrives, but is it too expensive, given the company it will keep?

So, Apple has finally launched a smaller version of its best selling iPad, and it looks, from initial reviews I’ve read to be yet another high quality product. But, was it really necessary for the mini to be made in the first place? For a start, the pricing seems really extreme for a tablet with […]

Mapocalypse and other iPhone things

So, I’m totally astonished at the screen grabs and errors being published online in all quarters, centering around the poor quality of the new IOS6 mapping app. It is truly amazing, that an important app like this, replacing as it is the venerable Google product, even got out of the door. Terrible joins are visible […]

HTC ONE X firmware updates again.

I just checked for updated firmware for my One X, and was surprised to see there was an update waiting. It was large, weighing in at 165 megs, but downloaded quickly over wifi, and was installed in about 5 minutes. Android is now at 4.0.4, and Sense is at 4.1 and the software number is […]

iPad Madness

So, my wife would like an iPad, so we take a look at eBay to see how much 1st gen ones go for. Well to say I was shocked is an understatement, because you can go and buy a refurbished 2nd gen one for less straight from Apple. Why do people persist in paying more […]

HTC Desire – How to upgrade to Gingerbread with HTC Sense

I promised a guide a little while ago, on how to upgrade an HTC Desire from Froyo to Gingerbread. Well, keep reading because here it comes, since I’m on a night shift and have a spare moment! First off are the obligatory warnings. This process involves flashing the ROM of your phone, so if you […]

Desire Gingerbread – Part 2

Well it appears the experiment worked. I now have a Desire with official HTC Gingerbread ROM, rooted with ClockWorkMod recovery in place. I was able, once rooted, to boot up using CWM recovery, mount the System and manually rip out the bloatware, and initial impressions are good, with Adao file manager reporting 147MB total ram, […]

Desire Gingerbread – Tread carefully

HTC have recently released a ‘DEV’ version of Gingerbread for the Desire. It was nearly a non-event, since Gingerbread+Sense doesn’t leave much memory to play with, but after a lot of protests, they did a U turn and released it. If only they had taken out some of the apps like Footprints, Stocks and Peep […]

HTML email with Android and Exchange 2003

So I’ve been trying to get my Desire (Froyo) to play nicely with HTML emails when using Exchange 2003, and it seems the stock email client just won’t. This is very annoying, since the email client on my wife’s iPhone works just fine. I also have a backup phone, an original 2g iPhone, and despite […]

Full of Gingerbread goodness. HTC release Gingerbread for Desire.

Well, HTC, after quite a bit of faffing around, have launched Gingerbread for the HTC Desire. Well, launched is the wrong word, because it’s more of a ‘Quietly made available’. You can find it here, Gingerbread, and you’ll find it’s missing some bits and bobs in order to save space, though the missing items have […]

An Apple a day?

I’ve had some discussions on forums of late, which have made me think long and hard about the almost religious fervor  some people get into over iPhones in this particular case. I am an Android user, but I am more than capable of looking at the iPhone and saying ‘Yes, it is a standard setter, […]

It’s ROOTing time again!

Well, I finally took the plunge and downloaded Samsung’s Kies app to my PC as I’d been reading that Samsung delivered new firmware using it, and that FOTA was not their thing. I have a Galaxy Tab as well as my HTC Desire, and was keen to get it some Gingerbread action. So, with everything […]

Gingerbread, Cyanogen Mod 7 style

I recently decided to try Gingerbread, in the form of the popular Cyanogen Mod 7 on my HTC Desire. How did I do this and what was the end result? First off, it requires a rooted phone with recovery installed. In my case I had previously rooted the phone and installed ClockWorkMod recovery so […]

Android vs IOS

I recently obtained an older 1st gen iPhone as a spare, and thought it would be interesting to compare the Android and IOS operating systems. I know that immediately people will say ‘How can you compare a 1st gen iPhone with a relatively new Android device. Well, truth be told, I’m not comparing speed, since […]

I must get my blogging mojo back

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged. I thought I’d better get started again. I shall try to get something posted soon re a comparison of the Android and IOS UI and what I like and dislke about each. So come. back soon!

A little worrying……..

I recently noticed something about my rooted Froyo HTC Desire which had me slightly worried, because I had little idea of when it had happened, and it caused my security to be slightly compromised. I’d recently done a factory reset and reinstall, and noticed the other day, completely by accident, that when I drew my […]

Not enough memory, an EEK moment and how I saved the day!

I’ve always been looking for ways to try and eke out the memory on my phone, and what with upgrading to Froyo with its App to SD functionality, I’ve been doing pretty well. Don’t forget, my phone is rooted so if you have a vanilla Desire, you can’t do what I’ve done here. Rooting is […]

Android App of the week

To be honest, doing an app of the week is difficult. Especially now I have my phone pretty well settled, so it is getting harder for me to come up with something new on a regular basis. This week, I have had an app that got me in to quite a lot of trouble. So […]

Interesting Sync

I’d heard a rumour that it is possible to sync your iTunes music with your HTC Desire, using the latest and greatest version of HTC Sync. So, I went off to HTCs website, and downloaded the software and set about installing it. And it turns out to be true! I was quite surprised, but not […]

Android App of the week

Well, it’s been a while coming, but finally another emulator has arrived that is this weeks ‘App of the week’. I grew up with 8Bit computers, starting off with a ZX81, the Spectrum, closely followed by Atari XLs and XEs, and various other less well known machines. Though I was never a CBM64 owner, well […]


I am a self confessed Android fan. As an OS, I’m finding it great to use, and far better than Symbian as my main phone OS. Not that Symbian is bad. No, Symbian in my eyes is one of the best phone platforms I’ve used. It’s just that I think Android is better. I have […]

The Acid Test

I now have Firefox and Opera installed on my Desire. I thought it would be interesting to run the Acid3 test against them, and the standard Android browser. The result was 97/100 for all three browsers, and whilst not top marks is still pretty good. Overall, Opera was fastest, but the on screen rendering looked […]

Android App of the week

A quick post this week as I’ve been a bit preoccupied with looking into task manager usage. However, I’ve decided to go with the app I’ve just used to post this with. It’s an app called WordPress and it lets you quickly and easily manage your WordPress sites via your droid. So if you have […]

Battery life without a Task Killer

I recently tested battery life without Advanced Task Killer as I’d heard battery life could be improved without, plus after some research, I’m begining to feel that a task killer just isn’t needed. The red dots indicate the start and end of the period during which the phone runs on battery on the 6th and […]

Android App of the week

The app I’ve chosen this week, is a utility called BatterySnap. If like me, you are constantly watching just what is chewing your battery, then this is a great app. It keeps all kinds of stats in relation to just what your battery is doing, and can produce some nice graphs of what’s going on. […]

Froyo Privacy settings missing in action!!

I was away with work on Wednesday and Thursday, and got chatting with some new people at one of the other offices belonging to our company. One has an HTC Desire, and mentioned he was interested in rooting it, so I said I’d pass on the info of how to do it, having successfully done […]

Android App inventor connection problems.

I have been tinkering with Android App Inventor a little recently, and have it set up and running on my main laptop at home. I often work nights and have a second laptop I sometimes take with me, and thought it would be good to get App Inventor up and running on it too, for […]

Android App of the week

Well, I’m a bit late with this this week on account of being on a night shift, and as a result, not knowing my ass from my elbow….. However, before I got started with the shift this week I did download the full version of, yes, you guessed it, Angry Birds. With over 3 million […]

Three finally free Froyo!!

Well, too late for me since I’ve rooted and flashed my Desire to Froyo,  it seems that Three have finally released Froyo. I found this article tonight (I’ve been working 10:00 til 19:00, so have only just checked up!): Three updates the HTC Desire with Android 2.2. This is long after the hinted September release, […]

App of the week

Well, I was wondering just what app that would be my app of the week, when I was caught off guard by SlideIt, a keyboard replacement that works just like Swype. Instead of typing each letter, you rub your finger across the keys, and your movements between letters are interpreted and word possibilities are automatically […]

App of the week.

This week was a toss up between two apps. Reloop, a music making tool, and the newly released Tweetdeck for Android. In the end, I plumped for Tweetdeck, due to a lack of time to play with Reloop. Despite the fact that the HTC Twitter client is actually quite good, I was always a fan […]

How did I miss that Froyo feature!

Its only taken me a week to notice that Froyo allows rotation both left and right for apps now, effectively giving 270 degree rotation. A great addition IMHO, and one of the things that I thought the phone needed. It is slowly revealing itself to me 🙂

Android app of the week!

I have to say that one app really impressed me this week, mostly because it saved me money. The app in question is ShopSavvy. If you’re not familiar with the idea of this app, it lets you scan a products barcode, and it will then go away and find the best deals for you online, […]

Froyo: One week on.

Well, having decided to bite the bullet and flash my droid, I thought I’d report back. As I’ve already mentioned, battery life seems much improved. Prior to upgrading, having charged my Desire in the car on the way to work, I would often find the battery level in the orange, and would need to charge […]

Froyo update. My battery loves it.

Just a quick post Froyo note. I’ve now had it for a week, and the standby life of the battery is hugely improved. It was worth doing it just for that, let alone the other features. Though I would say that I did also flash the radio at the same time as the rooting/Froyo update, […]

My wait for Froyo is over. But not officially…

Well, I finally got bored of waiting for Three to get their act together with regards to the Froyo OTA update. IMHO silence is not always golden, and too much can be deafening. So I took matters into my own hands, and followed the article I found here: Root your 3 branded Desire Make sure […]

Froyo news for T-Mobile Desire owners

It looks like HTC Desire owners on T-Mobile will be finally getting their Froyo. In an article here: T-Mobile Launches Froyo it seems that as of today, it will be made available for download, and will be an OTA update. Lets hope it doesn’t go belly up, as have other updates!! As for Three, still […]

Froyo for branded phones. Everyone is waiting.

Well, I’ve been having my usual trawl for information about when there might be a serving of Froyo for my Three branded HTC Desire. Today I found this article: Branded HTC Desire owners still waiting for a serving of Froyo It is an interesting read, and highlights how it seems to be the networks and […]

Froyo on Three. The drip feed of information continues.

As anybody who’s read this blog knows, I’m fairly miffed that Three in the UK still haven’t got their fingers out and deployed the update to Froyo (Android 2.2) to owners of branded/locked handsets. I have an HTC Desire, and I really want to upgrade, since features like the ability to move apps to SD […]

The wait for Froyo continues on 3

Well, it’s now been at least a week since my colleague with a sim free HTC Desire got his Froyo update, yet still no sign of the update on 3. Surely 3 must know this delay is going to annoy people, because it certainly has for other providers. I know most companies do have their […]

Final quick Android post before I nod off….

I officially have O/S envy now. My line manager has a simfree HTC Desire, and has now had his Froyo upgrade. I’m on 3 and it looks like another couple of weeks at least before 2.2 lands on my handset. Bah humbug!

Live wallpaper CPU shocker…..

Wow, I’ve just been playing with an app called Seepu on my Desire, and although I’d suspected the live wallpaper of being a resource hog, finding out my lovely spiral galaxy was coming in at around 98% was quite a shock. So, at some point in the near future, I’ll check out all the live […]

Android Emulation Heaven

I’m really hitting App Market hard these days, and I guess it is really just down to the fact that my phone is only two weeks old and I’m searching for fun things to do with it. I’ve long been a fan of emulation, that being the emulation of long dead computers that meant something […]

HTC Desire HD. Is it the new HTC flagship phone?

Or, is it perhaps another tablet wannabee. There is a great article on the HD here: HTC HD, and the photo makes it look just huge, though going by screen size it is a bit smaller than Dells Streak. Spec wise, it looks like a Desire on steroids, though it does appear to use the […]

More Apps for My Android

I’ve found a few more apps that are making my droid more useful/fun. First off is the Delicious app that, if you’ve joined Delicious, allows you to take your bookmarks anywhere. I’m a big fan of Delicious since I have lots of  bookmarked sites, and being web based, it means none of that tedious porting […]

How to make friends and influence people the Apple way.

Well, i’ve now read a few articles about ‘Antennagate’, and it is beginning to look like Apple have truly got no understanding of reality. Instead of putting their collective hands up and saying ‘Ok folks. We messed up, let’s get things fixed’, Apples illustrious leader proceeded to say that iPhone 4 was no different to […]

The App story so far.

So far, and I’ve had my phone about a week now, I’ve downloaded and tried quite a few apps for my Desire. The one thing that has impressed me is the ease with which apps can be downloaded, installed and uninstalled, and also the fact that you can often try demo versions before splashing out […]

So, apparently Apple knew about the antenna problem….

I’ve now come to the conclusion that going for the HTC Desire over the iPhone 4 has meant I might have dodged a bullet given the furore over the antenna (Aerial for us UK bods). Reading this article here: iPhone Antenna issues, it seems that those people making the decisions, blatantly ploughed on and built the […]

Just testing

Just giving the Android WordPress app a quick run through to see how it does. Better than I thought it would seem and quite workable.

The Final Score is in, and HTC is a clear winner

It’s not been so good for posting for me lately, having been on my holiday and returning home with a sinus/ear infection which makes my head feel like an over inflated world cup football! I have however been able to look at the iPhones 4’s owned and operated by the fanboys in my office, and […]

Yet another Android Smartphone

I’ve just been reading about the HTC Evo here: HTC Evo. It looks pretty good I must say, but I must stop drooling and concentrate on what will be my next phone for real! There are now 2 people in the office sporting new iPhones and I have phone envy right now, and it’s making […]

HTC 3 Apple 1 thanks to a late comeback

Hmmm, a colleague has just appeared with new iPhone in hand, and I have to say, comparing the old and new iPhones side by side, I have to give Apple a point for the design. It looks fabulous to be honest. In fact, I have to say that the photo’s I’ve seen don’t do it […]

HTC 3 Apple 0

So, it’s three nil to HTC, but why? Well, Apples new OS now has multi-tasking, but articles I’m reading, such as this one here: iPhone Multi-tasking, are all saying that whilst it can multi-task, there are restrictions. Apparently only Apple apps, and not many at that, will be available in the beginning, and only certain […]

iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire

Hmm, I’ve spent some time reading about the iPhone 4 and the Desire, and despite the fact that I really do think i’d like an iPhone, the restrictions on iPhone usage seem to be a little bit draconian. There’s a good story about it here, so I won’t go into it too much, but it’s […]

iPhone. On Three. Whatever next?

There I was, convinced Android was going to be my next phone in the form of an HTC Desire, and then the folks at Three go and add the new iPhone 4 to their repertoire!! I’m going to have to think pretty hard now, because I have a lot of music on iTunes and having […]

Nokia Mail for Exchange 3. The Return

Having now had some fettling time with MFE 3, I seem to have resolved my folder and speed problems. It came at the cost of a full resync, but it does seem to have done the trick. You will need to reset some settings afterwards, so if you’re not prepared to do this, or don’t […]

Nokia Mail for Exchange 3

I’ve just installed MFE 3 on my E71, and though it has the ability to use folders, now my initial excitement has worn off, I’m afraid the jury is still out as to whether or not it’s a good upgrade. The problem? Well it looks fine, but there are two problems for me. One of […]

Sony competition for the Dell Streak

It appears that Sony may have competition on the way for the Dell Streak which was launched today on O2. Engadget has reports of a device that could potentially be ready in a few months time. It is also Android based and runs Eclair, with the possibility of Froyo later. Original story is here: Dell […]

Dell Streak available tomorrow

According to the article here: Dell Streak, Dell’s new baby will be launching on O2 tomorrow, and the tariff’s look reasonable. At around £429 for a contract free device, it is similar to the lowest priced iPad, but to me, it is a more sensible option than the iPad, since it is much more portable. […]

Dell Streak. Is it just a fat smartphone?

I’ve been looking at the Dell Streak, since being iPad day here in the UK, I was wondering how it compares. Specs are here: Dell Streak. It does make me wonder just what constitutes a pad or tablet? The Streak looks nice, but it is much smaller than the iPad, so is it really in […]

iPad Musings

I am in a bit of a quandry. I love gadgets of all shapes and sizes, would have an iPhone by now (If they were available on 3), and have PC’s and an iBook, both of which I use regularly. But the iPad. I just don’t get it right now. I get the concept, I […]

Navigate for free on your Nokia

I have been following Nokia’s trials and tribulations with their free Ovi Maps offering. A lot of people, me included I’m afraid, were not happy at the limited number of phones that it would run on. I eventually conceded that Nokia, having a vast number of phones, would get round to making it run on […]

Twittering to the world

What are your favourite twitter clients? My vote goes to Tweetdeck on the PC and Gravity on my Nokia E71. I’m hoping to go Android soon with an HTC Desire, I hope it lives up to the press reviews. I’ve tried lots of phones and always seem to come back to Nokia, so I’m wondering […]