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Ok, so after some badgering, I finally got some information on the Jelly Bean update for locked/branded handsets on Three UK.

It seems that they have a second build in testing now, the first having failed, and it will be released ‘as soon as its ready’.

Overall I’m more than a little disappointed with Three on this. As a loyal customer of about 7-8 years I’ve always had a branded\locked handset and stuck with them as overall I have no problems, but users of unlocked\unbranded handsets get the updates first, and as a customer who is paying more to be loyal to Three, I expect to have the update at the same time or earlier.

It isn’t like the update suddenly surprises them, they know it’s coming, so concentrate on getting the updates ready for the same time.

I guess the argument is that HTC are in control of the updates, so they can release to handsets with non brand CIDs when they want, but the carriers should either stop filling their handsets with unwanted bloatware so that the update is simple, or work harder with HTC to get the updates ready for all in time.

I had exactly the same issue with my HTC Desire, and I ended up rooting and flashing it in order to get the software level I wanted, something I don’t want to do with my One X.

What is even more galling is the fact that Samsung look to be releasing Jelly Bean officially for the Samsung Galaxy S2, which means my work phone, a much older model, may possibly get the update before my One X.

I may yet have to consider unlocking my bootloader so I can get a custom recovery on my phone, and back it up so I can try flashing to a stock JB rom, but each time I think of doing it I have a little twitch…….

I’ve had some discussions on forums of late, which have made me think long and hard about the almost religious fervor  some people get into over iPhones in this particular case.

I am an Android user, but I am more than capable of looking at the iPhone and saying ‘Yes, it is a standard setter, and has, and always will be a great piece of industrial design, and does what it does very well’.

Although I have an older model as a spare phone, and my wife has a 3gs, I’ll never go down the route of having one as my primary phone, because as a techie, I love the freedom I get with Android, and the iPhone leaves me a bit cold, because it is too rigid and fixed. I can’t tinker with an iPhone so easily. Oh, and it doesn’t have Flash either, or an easily changed battery. And it has a SIM card that is so small, that if you drop it on a brightly coloured carpet it vanishes for good.

So as a droid user, I can see both sides of the  argument, and am prepared to believe that both devices have pros and cons, and ultimately, its down to the individual to choose the device that best suits their personality.

iPhone users however, seem to be incapable of accepting that both devices have pros and cons, and simply wish to pour damnation on everything remotely droid.

One forum I posted on had an iPhone user saying that droids were laggy, fragmented, malware infested and had no updates, and wouldn’t sync with iTunes. Another described the Market as a cess pool!!

Folks, all I’ll say is this. Look back at the iPhone and it’s recent past, such as antennagate, alarm clocks that won’t recognise summertime, baby shaking apps, flashlight apps with hidden tethering, and a serious WiFi security bug in the iPhone 3g, that won’t be fixed because support has ceased. Not much consolation for those with a year or two old iphone 3g.

Back in 2009, which is not that long ago people, Apple had to close around 46 bugs in iOS, some of which were serious security vulnerabilities.

There has been malware in both the App Store and the Android Market.

Apple is no more perfect than Android, they are just better able to put a spin on things, and divert our attention away from the bad things by launching new, sexy things just when something bad happens.

When comparing an iPhone to an Android handset, don’t compare with a handset that is way down in the specs. Make sure you’re comparing Apples with Apples (So to speak).

Get your facts right. Android gets updates, and some manufacturers do this over the air, rather than having to plug into iTunes to get them. I can also choose from a selection of ROMS to install on my phone at any time I choose.

Oh, and finally, both my HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy Tab can sync to iTunes.

So if you are an Apple fanboy, and you want to slag off Android you’d better:

  1. Get your facts right.
  2. Don’t be standing in a glass house.

Try and see both sides.

Reminds me of a long time ago when my friends and I owned things like a Sinclair Spectrum, CMB64, Atari 800 and all those other long lost home computers, when the ‘My Computer Is Better Than Your Computer’ argument raged on.

Except then it was much better natured. Sighs….

It looks like HTC Desire owners on T-Mobile will be finally getting their Froyo.

In an article here: T-Mobile Launches Froyo it seems that as of today, it will be made available for download, and will be an OTA update.

Lets hope it doesn’t go belly up, as have other updates!!

As for Three, still silence. Bah Humbug

Well, I’ve been having my usual trawl for information about when there might be a serving of Froyo for my Three branded HTC Desire.

Today I found this article: Branded HTC Desire owners still waiting for a serving of Froyo

It is an interesting read, and highlights how it seems to be the networks and their branding which are the problem. Not just Three, but others too.

What is annoying is that Three don’t seem to have added much, aside from a logo during boot and some Three specific shortcuts to their web pages, so why have the loyal customers been left in the lurch? Surely it can’t be that hard, after all, HTC had the update ready in July, after making sure everything worked with the Sense interface.

I have now come to the conclusion that the only way I will be able to get Froyo is to root my phone, de-brand and install it myself.

That is not good, especially for a loyal customer of 6 years, who is paying to own the phone.

The plan is to root and flash on Monday, as I have a day off and can take my time. I’ll report back then……

As anybody who’s read this blog knows, I’m fairly miffed that Three in the UK still haven’t got their fingers out and deployed the update to Froyo (Android 2.2) to owners of branded/locked handsets.

I have an HTC Desire, and I really want to upgrade, since features like the ability to move apps to SD card, freeing up phone memory, wireless tethering (Hotspot capability)  and huge speed increases with enhanced battery life are all pretty appealing.

Three have said ‘The end of summer’, which is IMHO a little bit open ended, since a look out of the window suggests summer may have already passed by, leaving people with A) No more summer and B) No Froyo.

I regularly search for updates to this wildly vague statement, and found this today. Three Announces Hero and Desire Dates

TBH it is still pretty vague, and doesn’t say much more, but lets all keep our fingers crossed that now September is here, we’ll get our Froyo.

Since Android 3, or Gingerbread, is apparently going to be making an appearance in Q4 of 2010, I hope Three make a better job of timing the release of that….

I’ve now come to the conclusion that going for the HTC Desire over the iPhone 4 has meant I might have dodged a bullet given the furore over the antenna (Aerial for us UK bods).

Reading this article here: iPhone Antenna issues, it seems that those people making the decisions, blatantly ploughed on and built the device, with the expectation that people would just buy it and love it because of their particularly strong brand position.

Apple may admit to it (The jury is out until the press conference this afternoon), but until then it is a serious blow, IMHO, to their credibility.

I freely admit, I know several people who have iPhones, and none have reported this issue (And I have asked them), but they do have rubber bumpers on their phones. Not everybody is going to want to have to buy an extra accessory to just make phone calls.

And, I must admit that if I’d just shelled out for a new iPhone, and my calls kept dropping out, I’d be mighty peeved.

No phone is perfect, not even my HTC Desire, but surely if you’re going to make a new model of your best selling phone, you’d better be damn sure that it can make phone calls.

I’ll be very interested to see just what Apple come up with at the press conference, which I believe is happening at 18:00 BST today. I wonder if anybody will find themselves joining the unemployment queues. I’m sure Mr Jobs wont be.

Well, my new batteries are fitted and my UPS seems to be happy again, which is good since we seem to be approaching power cut/brownout time round our way.

Just this morning the power went of and on again 3 times within about 30 seconds, so I’ve had to go around resetting clocks and things.

Still, main UPS is now good and all my other machines have their own UPSs back in place. Power cuts, bring it on!

Well, I ordered my new batteries on the 23rd July, hoping to have them before going on holiday.

Well, no such luck, they never arrived. To the credit of MDS Battery though, as soon as I contacted them, they wen’t off and found they’d been lost by the carrier.

That was yesterday (12th July), and today my battery pack arrived. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get my main UPS back on line again and put back the UPS on my wife’s PC.

I like Chrome as a browser, and thought that as I like it so much I’d add it to my Mac, which I use for browsing mostly, and the odd blog post like now.

Being an iBook G4, I was pretty disappointed to find that Chrome is not supported a) on my hardware and b) on my O/S (Tiger)

I suppose now that Macs are more likely to be Intel, it makes sense to not spend time developing for them, but there must be a considerable number of machines out there which are still useable, and could do with a choice of browser.

I found this article: The Best Browsers For Older Macs Running Tiger.

I have Firefox and Safari, but the above article reminded me of Camino, which I’m off to download and try out now.

So, after a bit of investigation, looks like dead batteries. MDS Battery, my favoured source for these things is quoting about £32 plus delivery, so it look like I’d better get my hand in my pocket again. Bah Humbug……

Hmm, not a happy bunny. Sat working on a customers laptop this afternoon, just reassembling, when suddenly there’s a ‘thunk’ and my office goes quiet.

Basically my main UPS just shut off and wouldn’t power on again. Luckily, I have two spare smaller ones, now pressed into service, so everything is back up again, but what a pain had it happened any time other than the weekend. I’m feeling lucky to be honest.

Anyway, bed time now, up in under 7 hours for the 60 mile trek to where I’m currently working. I can look at what’s wrong with my UPS tomorrow. I bet it’s dead batteries, as I’ve just had to replace 2 others in my spare units. Merde!

I have my own small IT business, but times are hard, so I’m now using what was my wife’s car, a nice frugal diesel, she’s got a little shopping trolley type car to do local trips, and my thirsty, but much loved 2 seater sports car is up for sale.

It is 9 years old, needs 2 new tyres and the car tax is nearly expired too, plus it has some minor exhaust issues, which although annoying are easily remedied. It’s also missed one dealer service, since financially I couldn’t afford it, and also being a mechanical engineer, did myself using OEM parts.

Otherwise it’s running really well, doesn’t drip oil, is clean and has 23,000 miles less on it than a 9 year old car should have.

Taking all the above into consideration, and comparing the prices of other similar cars, I’ve put it up for over £1000 less than I would like to sell it for, because I need it to be gone.

So what happens now then? Well, I get a steady stream of people trying to knock me down another £500, bemoaning the fact that it doesn’t have a full service history (It’s one service people!!!), and asking if it has any stone chips!!!

Of course it has stone chips you muppets, it’s 9 years old for god’s sake!!!

They aren’t bad stone chips, in fact it has less than some newer cars I’ve seen.

I’m seriously thinking of giving up on selling it if I keep getting idiots phoning all the time.