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Well, it was only a fortnight ago that I was upgrading, and yet again, there’s another WordPress update.

However, in true WordPress style, it was yet again seamless, and my site was updated, including updates to 3 plugins and a DB backup, all within 5-10 minutes.

I guess that is one of the benefits of hosting sites on your own webserver, at least you have full access and control to do what is needed.

Rather that than hosting it somewhere else and having to suffer when they go down, as happened to somebody I know who recently moved their blog to Tumblr.

Hosting your own stuff isn’t always a win win, because you have to sort it when it goes wrong, but I’m loving WordPress so far!

After a bit of thinking about what I wanted out of my blog site, I’ve moved from an EZ-Generator site to WordPress, which I think will be easier for me to manage.

Just got to get the blogs transferred now!