I have my own small IT business, but times are hard, so I’m now using what was my wife’s car, a nice frugal diesel, she’s got a little shopping trolley type car to do local trips, and my thirsty, but much loved 2 seater sports car is up for sale.

It is 9 years old, needs 2 new tyres and the car tax is nearly expired too, plus it has some minor exhaust issues, which although annoying are easily remedied. It’s also missed one dealer service, since financially I couldn’t afford it, and also being a mechanical engineer, did myself using OEM parts.

Otherwise it’s running really well, doesn’t drip oil, is clean and has 23,000 miles less on it than a 9 year old car should have.

Taking all the above into consideration, and comparing the prices of other similar cars, I’ve put it up for over £1000 less than I would like to sell it for, because I need it to be gone.

So what happens now then? Well, I get a steady stream of people trying to knock me down another £500, bemoaning the fact that it doesn’t have a full service history (It’s one service people!!!), and asking if it has any stone chips!!!

Of course it has stone chips you muppets, it’s 9 years old for god’s sake!!!

They aren’t bad stone chips, in fact it has less than some newer cars I’ve seen.

I’m seriously thinking of giving up on selling it if I keep getting idiots phoning all the time.