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Having now had some fettling time with MFE 3, I seem to have resolved my folder and speed problems. It came at the cost of a full resync, but it does seem to have done the trick.

You will need to reset some settings afterwards, so if you’re not prepared to do this, or don’t know how to, stop reading now

Here’s what I did.

1. On my PC, I moved any folders that were in my Outlook ‘Inbox’, to the root of my mailbox. i.e they are now at the same level as my Inbox. This solves the problem of the folders coming top of my inbox. Now they are a level above, all I have in my Inbox are emails, and the folders are all in one place. I also had sent emails going back to 2005, so I archived them off, since the ‘Sent’ folder is automatically synchronised without the need for subscribing to the folder, as is the ‘Inbox’.

2.The full resync. I went into the Installations folder of my E71, and selected the Mail For Exchange Application. From ‘Options’ I selected ‘Full Resync’, and followed the on screen prompts. The phone remembered my connection and credential settings, but I had to re-do the Sync Schedule, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Email setings.

3. You’ll see at this point, if you go into messaging, there is no Mail for Exchange mailbox. So we now return to the Mail for Exchange app and select ‘Synchronise’ from the options menu. At this point the phone will sort itself out and recreate your Mail for Exchange mailbox, and sync all your folder structure, the contents of your inbox, calender, tasks etc.

4. Subscribe to any folders you want available on your phone, and that’s it. Next time your phone syncs, the folder will also be synced.

After doing all this I found that speed was back to normal, and my inbox was much more useable.

I’ve just installed MFE 3 on my E71, and though it has the ability to use folders, now my initial excitement has worn off, I’m afraid the jury is still out as to whether or not it’s a good upgrade.

The problem? Well it looks fine, but there are two problems for me. One of them I may be able to get around, which is that the folders in my inbox always show at the top, but I want the emails to show first. More fettling needed I think.

The other problem is speed. It seems much slower than the previous incarnations. I’m not currently sysncing any folders, and there is always a pause when swapping between pages.

Could be a config thing again I suppose, especially as it is probably syncing folder lists. Time will tell I guess, but if I sort any of these things out, I will post back again.

I have been following Nokia’s trials and tribulations with their free Ovi Maps offering. A lot of people, me included I’m afraid, were not happy at the limited number of phones that it would run on.

I eventually conceded that Nokia, having a vast number of phones, would get round to making it run on my E71 eventually. Well, it was worth the wait, because I now have it running on my E71, and it isn’t half bad.

You can download the software here: Ovi Maps, and the great news is that it is now supported on around 20 different phones.