I am a self confessed Android fan. As an OS, I’m finding it great to use, and far better than Symbian as my main phone OS.

Not that Symbian is bad. No, Symbian in my eyes is one of the best phone platforms I’ve used. It’s just that I think Android is better.

I have another Android device though, an Eken M001 Android tablet. As far as I can tell, it was one of the first in a batch of Droid based tablets, hot on the heels of iPad.

TBH, it isn’t that good. Despite a supposed CPU speed of 900Mhz, it turns out that 600Mhz is closer to the truth. That, and the base OS is just terrible, and like wading through treacle, it’s that sluggish.

However, in the last week or so, I’ve been looking for updated firmware, and came across one called Relax by a coder called LFD. I’ve just installed v 2.0.4, and I’m quite impressed.

Speed is boosted considerably, making it a good deal more smooth, though there is an oddidty that still exists from the original OS, which is that it performs much better in Landscape mode than Portrait.

It isn’t perfect, since the Android Market doesn’t seem to work properly (Nothing Downloads), but I’m sure that given time, this will get resolved, and LFD does provide an alternative marketplace that seems to have quite a lot of apps on it.

You can find LFDs OS here: Relax

If you’re looking for a later version of the original OS, with working Android Marketplace, it can be found here: Eken M001

The later version of the original OS is an improvement, but not quite as nippy as Relax. If I encounter any more options, I’ll post them up here.

To install either OS, simply unpack the zip file and copy the script directory to the root of your SD card and reboot. Be aware this can brick your tablet, and the responsibility is all yours if you do! Make sure you keep the charger plugged in the whole time, just to be on the safe side.

NOTE: I unpacked the script directory, rebooted and nothing happened. Why? the directory structure after the unpack was \script\script. I just had to get rid of the top level directory and all was well. Good luck!