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Well, I was wondering just what app that would be my app of the week, when I was caught off guard by SlideIt, a keyboard replacement that works just like Swype.

Instead of typing each letter, you rub your finger across the keys, and your movements between letters are interpreted and word possibilities are automatically added to whatever text box you are typing in. If more than one possible result comes up then you get to choose from a list of suggestions.

I have to say it’s pretty impressive and despite the odd mis-interpretation, it is quite accurate and has handled some quite large words with ease.

There are both paid and free versions, I’m currently using the free one and I like it very much.

My only complaint would be the fact that it doesn’t have the option to hold keys down for characters and numbers, though it does have a direct link to Google voice search and a nifty little drawing area that you can use to enter numbers, and it also gives you four sets of characters instead of the standard two.
Overall a very nice little app, well worth the space on your phone.

This week was a toss up between two apps. Reloop, a music making tool, and the newly released Tweetdeck for Android.
In the end, I plumped for Tweetdeck, due to a lack of time to play with Reloop.

Despite the fact that the HTC Twitter client is actually quite good, I was always a fan of Tweetdeck on the PC, so trying it on my Desire seemed like a natural progression.

I like the fact that it has a nice compact widget, that allowed me to regain some space for other items, and I like the ease of use, with large friendly obvious icons, plus the configurable columns. It certainly gives the standard client a run for its money.

Overall, a very polished app, with the only real letdown being the slightly odd installer as it is currently a beta product, though you’d struggle to tell.

Since it is beta, you need to register with Tweetdeck to get hold of it, but it only takes a couple of minutes, and it’s well worth it.

So what are you waiting for?

Its only taken me a week to notice that Froyo allows rotation both left and right for apps now, effectively giving 270 degree rotation.

A great addition IMHO, and one of the things that I thought the phone needed.

It is slowly revealing itself to me 🙂

Well, it’s now been at least a week since my colleague with a sim free HTC Desire got his Froyo update, yet still no sign of the update on 3. Surely 3 must know this delay is going to annoy people, because it certainly has for other providers. I know most companies do have their own custom bits added, but surely they can get their fingers out and do the right thing by all the people who pay for these phones and get cracking as soon as the updates become available. The last article I read suggested Froyo would not be available on 3 Androids until the end of summer, and with talk of Gingerbread already in the air, that isn’t good enough. Come on 3, get it sorted, and soon. Grumpy of Tiptree….

I officially have O/S envy now. My line manager has a simfree HTC Desire, and has now had his Froyo upgrade. I’m on 3 and it looks like another couple of weeks at least before 2.2 lands on my handset. Bah humbug!

Well, i’ve now read a few articles about ‘Antennagate’, and it is beginning to look like Apple have truly got no understanding of reality.

Instead of putting their collective hands up and saying ‘Ok folks. We messed up, let’s get things fixed’, Apples illustrious leader proceeded to say that iPhone 4 was no different to other brands like Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

Now that’s all very well, but past experience has shown that running down other peoples products to make your own look better doesn’t always work so well, especially if at the same time you’re giving away something for free that fixes the problem with your own product, and offering refunds for those who want them.

It seems the backlash has already started, with RIM and Nokia fighting back.

I guess only time will tell, but I know that my HTC Desire is not affected by the way I hold it, and does not need a case to make phone calls.

Bad show Mr Jobs, you shouldn’t treat people like nincompoops, because if you do it once too often, it’s gonna come back and bite you eventually.