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So, I just discovered that Google Analyticator is dead, which is a shame as I’ve used it for some time.

For all those of you also in the same position, the Google Analytics Dashboard seems to do a very similar job, so if you need to move to a new plug in, this seems to be one that works nicely, and is extremely simple to set up.

Next, I’ve installed GTrans, which was a WordPress recommended plug in. Seems very nice and allows your site to be translated into different languages by selecting from a drop down list.

Both seem to be nice plugins, so if you’re a WordPress user, have a go, worst cas you’ll just remove them if you don’t like 🙂


Ok, so I posted up 12 new entries for my museum pages, and they instantly pushed my most recent posts off the bottom.

I didn’t want the museum stuff to be on the front page, so I tried some exclusion plugins, eventually setting for the Clix category excluder, as it did exactly what I wanted, and adds into the posting mechanism so that I can exclude as I post if needs be.

So all my museum posts are where they should be, and will be getting updated with more info soon.

To ensure my front page is showing all the posts I want it to, for now at least, I increased the number of blogs showing from 10 to 20, and once things are back to normal, since I shall be adding relatively few new pages to the museum, I should be able to drop it back down.

I shall be more careful in future!

I’ve just added Disqus functionality to the site, and it was pretty easy too.

You can register your own site at disqus.com, or register as a user just to make comments on other peoples sites.

Hopefully it’ll stop me loosing track of all the various posts I make!!

Well, it was only a fortnight ago that I was upgrading, and yet again, there’s another WordPress update.

However, in true WordPress style, it was yet again seamless, and my site was updated, including updates to 3 plugins and a DB backup, all within 5-10 minutes.

I guess that is one of the benefits of hosting sites on your own webserver, at least you have full access and control to do what is needed.

Rather that than hosting it somewhere else and having to suffer when they go down, as happened to somebody I know who recently moved their blog to Tumblr.

Hosting your own stuff isn’t always a win win, because you have to sort it when it goes wrong, but I’m loving WordPress so far!

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3.0.2, and this time it was a smooth and satisfactory upgrade.

The key? Make sure you have the same permissions on the directory where WordPress lives as the user under which the site is run. That way the automated upgrade runs a dream!

If you can’t do that yourself, just follow the manual upgrade instructions that are linked to when the upgrade option appears in your control panel, and be certain you have a DB backup, just in case. Good luck, though with the professional way WordPress does things, I doubt you’ll need it.

I recently decided to add a forum to my WordPress powered blog, to try and expand a bit, and hopefully after a bit of judicious SEO, try and promote my site a bit more.

I chose Mingle, since it is provided through a simple WordPress plug in, and is therefore very easy to install, you simply download the plugin, follow the simple instructions and suddenly your site also has a forum.

The one gotcha for me though, was that I managed to keep the forum hidden from all but registered users, by putting my forums into a group that had restricted access.

Once removed, I got just what I wanted, which was a forum that could be read by all, but requires registration in order to post.

If you want to add a forum, get Mingle, it really is very simple. You can visit the authors site here: Mingle

I’d certainly recommend it.

Just giving the Android WordPress app a quick run through to see how it does. Better than I thought it would seem and quite workable.

I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 last night, and so far so good. Just be sure to follow the instructions if like me, your automatic upgrade didn’t work.

I think the auto upgrade failure is a permissions thing, but I’m fine with doing the manual upgrade, so I’ll try to fix the auto update next time.

I’ve heard it’s a permissions thing, but since I’m using Windows as a host, there doesn’t seem to be much info on it. Not to worry, I’ll suss it out one way or the other.

I’ve just added the Google Analyticator plugin found here: Google Analyticator to my WordPress site.

Google Analytics is free, so why not make the most of what’s on offer, so it’s pretty easy to do.

Google also offer webmaster tools for free too, so there’s lots out there to help you improve and monitor traffic to your sites.

Just started using the Motion theme for WordPress, found here: Motion.

I think it looks great, and has lots of places to put widgets. Hopefully as I get more into WordPress, I’ll be able to do even more cool things with it.

After a bit of thinking about what I wanted out of my blog site, I’ve moved from an EZ-Generator site to WordPress, which I think will be easier for me to manage.

Just got to get the blogs transferred now!