So far, and I’ve had my phone about a week now, I’ve downloaded and tried quite a few apps for my Desire.

The one thing that has impressed me is the ease with which apps can be downloaded, installed and uninstalled, and also the fact that you can often try demo versions before splashing out on the full version.

So what have I downloaded so far and kept installed:

Games: Abduction, Doom, Pinball, UAE4Droid (Amiga Emulator)

Apps: Advanced Task Killer Lite, ColourNote, Google Earth, Ebay, Endomondo Sport Tracker, Evernote, IMDB, KeePass Droid, MSN Droid, MyPlayer, Google Places Directory, Timerific, WordPress and Wyse RDP/VNC client.

All of these seem pretty good thus far, but if I have anything to report back about any of these, you’ll find it posted here.

Obviously, current versions of ‘droid don’t allow apps to be installed directly onto SD card, but hopefully that will soon be sorted with Froyo. Then i’ll be in app heaven.

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