It’s not been so good for posting for me lately, having been on my holiday and returning home with a sinus/ear infection which makes my head feel like an over inflated world cup football!

I have however been able to look at the iPhones 4’s owned and operated by the fanboys in my office, and my spangly new HTC Desire, received just yesterday as a free upgrade from 3.

The Apple device, whilst good, seems to only score over the HTC in robustness of construction/industrial design. I freely admit, that Apple have got that really right, and if I’m honest, the retina screen is also awesome.

However, the HTCs Android O/S is a complete joy, and I had migrated myself over to the new phone from my trusty Nokia E71 (Also a superb phone) within such a short space of time that I was truly astonished at how quickly it was done.

I feel like I’ve had the phone for years after less than 24 hours, and ok, maybe the App Store is good, the Android equivalent is also pretty good too.

I guess maybe my ideal phone would be an iPhone 4 running Android, and I believe this has been done on older iPhones (see here), but for the time being, I need to spend some quality time with my new toy!

Back soon with more stuff.

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