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It’s a Data Disaaaaaaarster!

So, storm on Monday, there’s a power outage. Everything important is on a UPS, and though it did expire due to the length of the outage, everything seemed to survive and powered up ok. I have a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo that I use for some storage and file backups, and normally my backup software burps, […]

Exchange 2007 – More secure, but much more annoying!!

So, I recently decided to retire my Exchange 2003 server, in favour of Exchange 2007. There were a lot of reasons for this. Firstly, my Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 server was an old HP DL380 G3. In itself, a great, reliable server, which cost me only £20 off Ebay, but getting on a bit, and very […]

Running Minecraft server as a pseudo service under Windows

OK, so I promised to do a post on how to run the Windows version of the Minecraft server as a psuedo service. I don’t intend to get into the ins and outs of the file, see Google for that 😛 To get the bad news out of the way, whilst it does run […]

Windows 8 first impressions

So, I had some spare time today, and having downloaded the Windows 8 preview, I thought I’d have a crack at installing it. Tbh the process of installation was if anything, easier than Windows 7, even taking me through a seamless wifi setup to get online, even before I’d got to the login screen. I […]

Enabling Compression Globally in IIS6

After performing a number of configuration changes on my server to improve performance, I decided that I wanted to work on performance tuning of my IIS6 install since I host all of my own web sites. One way of doing this is to enable compression, either globally, or per site. By doing this, content can […]

Installing PHP with IIS6

PHP and IIS have not always got on. My last install was hand crafted, and took some time to get the way I wanted, with the extensions I needed etc. So, I had the need to install PHP for a customer at work, on what was a new, effectively bare install of IIS, and things […]

Moving IIS6 Websites to a new drive.

The last item I had to move to my D: drive was my web root folder that contained all of my websites. I moved all but the default website, since that contained my Outlook Web Access, and I was wary of breaking it. As with any procedure, make sure you have good backups, and since […]

Moving MySQL databases to a new drive.

So, next on my list of ‘Things to move to D:’, were the MySQL DBs that sit behind a couple of sites I’m tinkering with, plus the DB that sits behind this very website. I’m using MySQL 5.1, but if you’re using a different version, please check before using this procedure, and as always, if […]

Moving MSSQL databases to a new drive.

So, having moved my Exchange databases and logs to the new D: drive on my server, the next on my list was my MS SQL databases. NOTE: I’m using MSSQL 2005, so whilst I know this will work for that, if you have a different product, check for the product you’re using. As with my […]

Moving Exchange data stores to a new drive.

Since I now have a server with 2 drives instead of 1, it makes sense to move my Exchange data stores over to the new drive, getting them off my O/S drive and taking advantage of the extra spindles and free space. NOTE: I’m doing this with Exchange 2003, so if you have a different […]

You’ve moved Windows to new hardware, what now?

Now my Windows installation has been moved to its new hardware home, in order to improve perfomance, I decided to do the following: 1. Move my Exchange information stores to the new second drive. 2. Move my MSSQL databases to the new second drive. 3. Move my MySQL databases to the new second drive. 4. […]

Moving Windows to new hardware

My first ‘proper’ server, was a Compaq 1600R, that I got off eBay for the princely sum of £25. Now as I started to do more with my server, I found the hardware just wasn’t up to the job. It could only take 1GB ram max, and had a pair of Pentium II cpu’s at […]

Migrating from Exchange to Gmail

I’ve been involved in the last year or so, with the migration of an Exchange environment into Gmail, or I suppose more correctly, Google Apps. It’s all complete now, but I thought I’d expand a bit on what I’ve done, how I did it, the tools I used, and some of the problems I ran […]

SSL Hell – part 2…

As a follow up to my previous post, there is another issue that I came across. Bit of a gotcha. Because we were upgraded to Premium SSL certs, we didn’t have the newest intermediate CA certificate on our servers, so whilst the certificate was valid, Firefox users experienced issues because the certificate did not appear […]

SSL Hell!

I do sometimes wonder why something that worked perfectly well the last time I did it, now doesn’t and has caused me a morning’s worth of worry. The problem? A simple SSL certificate renewal. Or not so simple, as it turned out. Usually, we don’t do certificate renewals, because IIS6 seems to have a problem, […]

Google Apps to Exchange: Is it worth it?

Microsoft clearly thinks that Gmail/Google Apps is a threat, since Office 2010 is now set to be online, and, if the news articles are to be believed, it will be free. Now as yet, I haven’t truly looked at Office 2010 online, so  I don’t feel I’m in a position to comment, but since I […]

Windows 7 and Checkpoint Securemote

We’ve been deploying Windows 7 on some new PC’s and laptops here, and we ran into issues with the Checkpoint SecuRemote client not installing. The best advice I can give is this: It won’t work on Windows 7 64 bit, and apparently support is not likely because Checkpoint Endpoint Security is now the way forward. […]